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  1. Psychedelic Friday | No Sleep Party
  2. Rythmadelica Radio Show by Alex Dark (Temporarily closed)
  3. "Shamanika" from Misterika Family
  5. "Psychogenic Chillout" RadioShow by Somadhy
  6. "Illusory World" by Radio Resident Roux
  7. "Galaxy" by Special PsyRadio Guest: Acid
  8. "Soundscape Map" by Radio Resident elansky
  9. "The Way to Eden" with GEORGE MOSOH
  11. Jagannath Friday Evening by Radio Resident Tonal
  12. "A Strangely Isolated Place" presents - The Mix from own Collection
  13. Colored Dreams by Paul Meise
  14. Half an Hour at Sunset by Roux
  15. Quintessence Radioshow with Mark Egorov
  16. Chill Around The World with Alexander Gorshkov
  17. U.O.K. presents Voice Of Space (Space & Ambient Radioshow)
  18. Maria's Show
  19. Chillout Therapy with John Kitts
  20. Chillout Lounge Sessions by Quincy Ortiz
  21. Gagarin Project - Cosmic Awakening RadioShow
  22. Mario Trunz presents: "Colorful Skies" radioshow
  23. Nafis presents - Music of the Soul
  24. Firmament - Above the Clouds Radioshow
  25. Mario Trunz presents: Undiscovered Scenery radioshow
  26. Guido's Lounge Cafe by Guido van der Meulen
  27. Low Light Mixes by Dave Michuda
  28. Fly in Motion podcast by Nartik
  29. Sun&Moon - Chill Sofa Radio Show