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16:00 - 17:00 Special Guest: Wakhan – Mystical Encounter With Yourself
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01-04-2017 04:00 PM to 05:00 PM
Dear Friends!

We invite you to the wonderful presentation by our special guest:

Wakhan – Mystical Encounter With Yourself

Liquid Seed Recordings presents Mystical Encounter With Yourself, a full album by Wakhan, a project formed deep within the consciousness of Alejandro Pantoja (AKA Panto), a Bolivian producer based in Spain. This music is the product of long, introspective journeys into the depths of consciousness, where the real being resides, where the circles closes, forming the most pure and sincere expression. Every track is a facet of different psychedelic experiences, beginning with beautiful and evocative melodies reminding us of the infinite beauty of existence, following with a trip through perspectives and dimensions, deeper into the more mystic side of reality. “All the journey began when I realized that I had no body—I was a conscious and pure energy just observing amazed what was happening around. Then the organic and mechanical train began its eternal tour through a city made of spiritual machinery…” Mastered by Koschitzky Mastering in Madrid with artwork by Dydier, Wakhan’s spirit-linked brother.

The album was released by Ektoplazm

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