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JoeClark 10-16-2017 09:24 AM

iTunes Download Error (error -100000)
I have received this error while downloading 2 albums from the itunes store. All the songs except 2 downloaded perfectly. 2 of the songs seem to be downloading and just as they complete, err=-100000 pops up on the screen. I contacted support and here is what they said (and they pointed to a thread on their support site)

"It appears that many customers have been able to resolve this error by uninstalling or correctly disabling a security software suite installed on their computers named "Intego Internet Suite: Net Barrier X4, Virus Barrier X4, Personal Backup X4"."

Don't have any of that nor do I have other security software that I am aware of. Is there anyway to search for security software, or do you know of another reason I could be getting this error and how to fix it?

By the way one neither of the songs are listed explicit or anything even close to that... I don't know if something else may be triggering security, if that is even what it is.

Any help is appreciated since Apple Support wasn't able to give me a fix.

Please help...

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