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Default Local Radio - The good old shows, what do you remember?


Here's a few
Live from so and so's
I remember not only City but also MFM coming live from a nightclub on a Fri/Sat night, although City and I think Juice still do that in my area it's getting less and less common now.

MFM (It was on late I can tell you that much)
A Psychic Phone-In - In the 90's I remember a Colin Fry styled psychic phone-in where listeners phoned in and had the audio equivalent of having their palms read - It felt a bit like Graham Torrington only in a fortune teller style.

Roy Basnett Phone-In on Rock FM
On until fairly recently on Sunday nights, when it had once been on Magic 999, now Rock FM doesn't have the equivalent of a Pete Price style phone-in. Roy Basnett was the late night sound of Lancashire, now on a weekly show about the supernatural on CityTalk.

The Signal Roadshow - I doubt many stations would now go to the bother of doing something like this of a weekend.

Signal 1 - Signal Energy (Weeknights from 10pm)
This was a good dance show that used to go out on weekday nights from 10pm when just about everybody else was airing wall to wall love songs. Now guess what has replaced it on Signal 1?

James Stannage - Key 103 (Sundays-Thursdays 10pm-1am maybe 2am I can't remember)
A gloriously un pc combination of shock jock and phone-in.

Kerrang! Radio on Radio City 96.7 (Thursdays from Midnight)
It might have a whole station in the West Midlands but when Radio City aired a weekly Kerrang block from Midnight on Thursday nights it gave a refreshingly different sound to the station for a couple of hours.

Gcap Stations - Cash Call (Weeknights from Midnight)
Now I couldn't say I remember it fondly, but I could say that local stations wouldn't air this sort of thing again.

So what do you remember from the good old days when local stations were just that, what were your favourite shows and presenters that won't be airing again?

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