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Default RUNE CHILL Records Presents: Taras Bazeev - Alina

Dear Friends!

We glad to introduce you the 2nd release of friendly RUNE CHILL recordings:

Taras Bazeev - Alina


01.Taras Bazeev feat. Mariya Bonasera - Hole In The Sky
02.Taras Bazeev - Mother
03.Taras Bazeev feat. Andrew Popov - Time
04.Taras Bazeev - Neapolis
05.Taras Bazeev - The Darkness Friday Night
06.Taras Bazeev - Game of Life
07.Taras Bazeev - Marsel 08.Taras Bazeev - Alina

«A wise creates laws, and by them a fool is limited.» (Shang Yang)

Thus came the echo of the nature RUNE CHILL recordings from Ancient China. The great philosopher Shang Yang exactly delivered the idea of a modern album «RUNECHILL002: Taras Bazeev - Alina». A collection works of Ukrainian artist - this is a strong motivational push, to anyone who suffered the pain of loss, stumbled in the next step on the path of personal evolution or was lost in the chaotic flow of a thought.

Album «Alina» can be said in short: a sense - the voice of the soul, a feeling - a review of the body. Resident label Taras Bazeev translates to every man his understanding of music, the aim of which is excitation the true feelings and body sensations activation. In love, we find everything.


06 June, Wednesday:

15:00 - CET
16:00 - Kyiv
17:00 - Moscow
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