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Default Dimmat

Special Guest: Dimmat

Dimmat is Dimitris Matzouranis. Born in 1982, Athens, Greece, Dimitris now resides in Mytilene-lesvos island where he produces music. At the age of 20, he was already a DJ in several clubs and an amateur composer, creating and mixing his own electronic music.8 years ago he started introducing his own style of ambient electronic and chillout music to websites under the name Dimmat.

In march 2012 they released their debut E.P (Universe Route) under (Synergetic Records)
Their second E.P (Nimenia) was released on june 2012 under (Plusquam Chillout).
New E.P release date september 2012
(The Wild Beauty Of Sea) - (Plusquam Chillout)
New Ep(Imaginarium)(Space Alhemy Lab Realease Date 10 june 2013
New Ep Dimmat - Sunny days (Ovnimoon rec)


VA-Down The Fractal Dimension(liquidseed)
VA-Turlitava 2 (Compiled by Anub1s)
VA-EnjoyChillout&LoungeVol3(Galore music)
VA-Enjoy Lounge Music (Galore music)
VA-Enjoy Ambient (Galore music)
VA-Enjoy Easy Listening Vol.3 (Galore music)
VA-Enjoy Relaxation Vol.1 (Galore music)
VA-Space Lounge (Plusquam Chillout)
VA-Fractal Dimension (Compiled By Psyslot)
VA-Chillout Highlights (Plusquam Digital)
VA-Chillout HighlightsVol2(Plusquam Digital)
VA-Lounge Highlights ( Plusquam Digital)
VA-Fresh Vol.1 (Bloodsugar Records)
VA-Fresh Vol.2 (Bloodsugar Records)
VA-Fractal Dimension Vol.2
VA-ChristmasChillout (BlueValley(Plusquam)
VA-Christmas Chillout (Solstice)(Plusquam)
VA-Falling Leaves (Elements of life)
VA-Lounge Winter Times Vol2(PrestigeMusic)
VA- Lounge Winter TimesVol3(PrestigeMusic)
VA-Silent Sunset Chillout Vol1(Believe digital)
VA-Seductive Lounge, Vol.1
VA-Seductive Lounge, Vol. 4
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