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Default Babruix - Secret Ingredient


In 2025 internet-stalkers have found on the Deep Web and issued a password-protected archive with recipes of secret dishes, each of which can give a person a unique set of abilities. The best scientists tried to access the archive, but the attempt was not succeed. And seemingly everyone was close to the recipe giving strength and inspiration, but no one has been able to solve the secret. However, working on the deciphering the cryptographic key didn’t stop…

1. Abiegoas
2. Forgotten Stabs
3. Galin Sinogen
4. Goatish Start
5. Notes Of Crasy Sky
6. Organic Wave
7. Phryakaphry
8. Uporica World
9. Unity As a Whole

Music: Alexey Romanov
Digital Editing: Overdream Studio


[ Release Date: 12.08.17 ]
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