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Default Gagarin Project - Cosmic Awakening RadioShow

Gagarin Project - Cosmic Awakening RadioShow

Дорогие Друзья,

приглашаем Вас в новое путешествие по Солнечной системе! Наша цель исследование планет и расширение границ понимания мира ! Каждый месяц в цетре нашего внимания будет одна из планет солнечной системы!

Dear Friends,

we welcome you to a new journey through Solar System! Our goal is exploration of planets and extension of the limits of perception of the world! Each month a new planet will be in the center of our attention!


How often do you look into the sky and notice the endless marvels of the universe above? Have you ever felt the influence of the moon, sun and other planets?

As the basic patterns of the universe repeat everywhere, in a fractal-like way, we have a strong interrelation and similarity with something bigger than we are, particularly with the planets. Being limitless and divine by nature, human beings have the innate power to create and explore.

Join us for a year-long journey through the sound of solar system to look deeper into our souls and feel the cosmic energy flow inside our bodies. While exploring the universe from inside and outside we will access the sacred knowledge of our wise ancestors, reconnect our bodies, minds and souls to Mother Nature and its Cosmic Energy.

After this year of transformation towards a more spiritual and conscious state of mind, it will be time for a profound Cosmic Awakening, exploring ourselves and surrounding realities.

It is time for further changes since change is an inevitable element of our evolution. Reality is a creation of our mind. By changing ourselves, we change the world around us.

Tune in PsyRadio every last Saturday of the month:

21:00 - 22:30 CET
22:00 - 23:30 Kyiv
00:00 - 01:30 Moscow
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