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Default Special Guest: Sonic Crime - Dreaming Awake

Dear Friends!

We are invite you to the next psychedelic trip with our special guest from Greece Nick Piliourez

Sonic Crime - Dreaming Awake

Nick: "Born in Greece.Multi-Instrumentalist/Music Producer/SoundEngineer/SoundDesigner.Started as a guitarist in a young age, later played in couple of never-known bands in Greece (STATIC + DEAD-5), and when lived in the UK for 8 years formed a band called CRIMINALIUS (in a small town) which had a small fan base and used to open gigs for few very good and respectable bands. Unfortunately, this didn't last long and then I moved to London where I used to jam loads with my co-students when I was studying Music Production+Sound Design. I was always into computers and with the help of the the grim weather of London and some equipment I've been gathering for years I decided to start my solo project SONIC CRIME. I made a CD "Junkliving Futurequitting Superfastyouth Will Be The Same Never Again" which didn't go far but nowadays am promoting it and trying to do more stuff with it, and a 2nd one is on the list right away. I started getting my live act together where I have a laptop playin some backin tracks (beats n' stuff) and on top am jammin with my guitar or bass and few synths and a Kaoss Pad. The new CD will be out soon with the title "Live & Dead" always releasead through my label ESAD Music.


Will be in touch on May 30, Wednesdey:

15:00 - CET
16:00 - Kyiv
17:00 - Moscow
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