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Dear Friends!

Welcome to the new fantastic trip by friendly Ultimae Records

[ GREENOSOPHY ] collected by mizoo

Collected by our Swiss activist dj Cyril Miserez aka mizoo, Greenosophy is a vibrant musical journey composed of 11 unique and hypnotic chapters. From deep ambient to lush progressive grooves, Greenosophy offers fresh chlorophyll visions, leafy rhythms and luxuriant melodies. Mizoo believes that music can develop a sense of empathy between people, philosophical reflections on our thoughts and acts; a point of view and a way of life he develops in this compilation. Immerse yourself in this lush music dreamed by international artists mnnsk (Switzerland), Rildrim (Spain), Liquid Stranger (USA), Sesen (Greece), Cell (France), Ajja (Switzerland), Tripswitch (UK), Solar Fields (Sweden), Miktek (Greece), James Murray (UK) and Cygna (Malta).

01 – MNNSK & MIZOO feat. ANA GÖLDIN - Initial
02 – RILDRIM - Tear-blind eyes
03 – LIQUID STRANGER - Minimum
04 – SESEN - Emerge
05 – CELL - Idea Spiral (Ozora Festival 2011 live edit)
06 – AJJA - Nubian sandstone
07 – TRIPSWITCH - Subzero
08 – SOLAR FIELDS - Cobalt 2.0
09 – MIKTEK - Flying dots
10 – JAMES MURRAY - Folding pattern
11 – CYGNA - Broken dream of a little snail

Format: CD Booksleeve 3 parts - 16 pages booklet
CD release date: 15th February 2012
World Wide Digital release date on all Major platforms: 5th March 2012

more info:

Official video Teaser:

Thanx very much to Tanya (N"aam) who mixed this release for the radio rotation!

Feb.15, Wednesday:

20:00 - CET
21:00 - Kyiv
23:00 - Moscow

On only
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