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Default Tara Putra: DJ-Set for PsyRadio

Dear Friends!

We are happy to introduce special DJ-set from Tara Putra.

Tara Putra – DJ-Set for PsyRadio

The Project starts as a three-headed Psytrance-Liveact launching in the mid-'90s, performing at several german Goa/Psytrance Parties and open airs. Their first single appears in 2001 called "Dua Orang", initiating a view releases on various compilations. In 2005 Spiritual Beings Records released the album "Groom Mountains" produced by Marcus which primary contains Psytrance, but also Tara Putra's first Ambient, Chillout and Dub tracks. The EP "Hidden Sense" pops up in 2010. This displays the projects future development with Psybient and Psydub - Creating space and psychedelic atmospheres in a dubby ambience.

01. Kaya Project - Hirajoshi
02. Ma Faiza & Veet Sandeh - Sita Ram Dub
03. Krusseldorf - Trappings
04. Globular - Synchronicity City 3.0
05. Quanta - Realms Of Mind
06. Land Switcher - One of Them (Original Mix)
07. Symbolico - The Divine Purpose
08. Occult - Kuru
09. Desert Dwellers - Bodhi Tree Dub (Amani's Pyramid Lake Remix)
10. Substan - Eremit
11. Xerxes - One-Oh-Three (Timeless Edit)
12. Tara Putra - Rysselblower

Tune in PsyRadio on 16 of December, Monday:

8 p.m. - CET
9 p.m. - Kyiv
10 p.m. - Moscow
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