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Dear Friends!

We are glad to present you a new release by friendly label, Microcosmos Records:

Astronaut Ape – Ten Minutes Eternity

01 - Astronaut Ape - Dreams
02 - Astronaut Ape - iWorld 2.0
03 - Astronaut Ape - Flow
04 - Astronaut Ape - Bioluminescense
05 - Astronaut Ape - Thirty Fourth Ritual
06 - Astronaut Ape - Ten Minutes Eternity
07 - Astronaut Ape and By the Rain - Starfall
08 - Astronaut Ape - Neverending Summer

Microcosmos Records presents the second solo album from Astronaut Ape. Ten Minutes Eternity is a beautiful and inspiring chill-out experience.

In the big city rhythm you are facing a permanent rush. There is a huge temptation to start living in automatic mode. Day after day, cycle after cycle. With each next cycle colors of the world dim and fade more and more.

Until the moment you get an insight. The moment the rush is over. Everything where it belongs. The dull colors become bright again. The sun is shining...

This moment ten minutes last eternity and the eternity lasts ten minutes. Here. And now.

Official Release Page:

Tune in PsyRadio vibes on the 31 of July, Wednesday:

20:00 - CET
21:00 - Kyiv
22:00 - Moscow
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