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Talking Space Baby Records

Space Baby Records
Ukraine Crimea
Averin Andrey / Kogut Irina


After a birth of our daughter Nikol' we've decided to make a new
step in the trance culture and create new label named the Space-Baby
Records We sound like goa / ethnic / shaman sound / suomi / night psy and dub / experemental and etc .

Andrey & Irina

No standard label with No standart music !!! : )

Space Baby`s Psychedelic Artists

(Phototropic rec., Ezel Ebed rec., Space Baby rec. / Ukraine, Kiev)
Genre: Goa Trance

(Lua rec., Space Baby rec. / Ukraine, Crimea)
Genre: Forest Psy - space travel with the shamans and the spirits of the forest!

(Euphoria pro, Misterika Family/ Ukraine, Crimea)
Genre: cocktail of the Night Psy Trance and Suomi style

Frog Prog
(Euphoria pro, Misterika Family/ Ukraine, Crimea)
Genre: Forest Melodic Progressive Psy with elements of Ethno!

(Euphoria pro, Misterika Family/ Ukraine - Macedonia)
Genre: Psy / Morning / Full On

Dirty Hippy
(Space Baby Rec. / United Kingdom)
Genre: Psy / Morning / Full On

Spirit Medicine
(Space Baby Rec. / Ukraine, Lviv)
Genre: Goa Trance

Mental Reason
(Space Baby Rec./Ukraine)
Genre: Forest Psy

(Space Baby Rec./Russia)
Genre: Suomi

(Space Baby Rec./Bulgaria)
Genre: Forest Psy

(Space Baby Rec./France)
Genre: Goa

Space Baby`s Chillout artists

(Space Baby Rec. / United Kingdom)
Genre: Ethnic / Ambient / Folk

(Space Baby Rec./ Russia, Samara)
Genre: Psy Ambient

(Altar rec., Sunline rec., Kagdila rec., etc./ Ukraine, Kiev )
Genre: Psy Ambient

Spayo Ventax
(Space Baby Rec./ Belgium-Ukraine)
Genre: Ambient / Nature

Natural Element
(Space Baby Rec./ Greece)
Genre: Dub / Ambient / Psy Chill

Tatyana Kalmikova
(Space Baby Rec./ Russia)
Genre: Ambient, Ethnic, Vocal


Xylonitek (Russia) chill out label dj

André Sat (Brazil) morning psy label dj

Okujah (Ukraine) main label manager and label dj

In the tracks are used only to track our label - unrlzd and last new rlzd

Design Group

Shankara LAB
(euphoria promo , Misterika family)


Space Baby`s Releases

sbcd 005
Alienapia - Goapocalipsis (Digipack CD)

Release date: 02/2010 (Space Baby Records)
Genre: Goa Trance
We are living on the "Earth" where the universe shows us its full and diverse variety. Every man's sight and breath of eternal space let's us feel the global harmony and flow of timeless consciousness. The vibration of universal unity and beauty originated from this unlimited space - The Sound was born. Everyone entered the whole ensemble, transformed themselves and united into the one living thing. Goa trance is a life philosophy which brings a state to the soul that gives f-r-e-e-d-o-m. There are sounds that dive through the universe making its every atom vibrate. It's like a mountain river - dangerous with its cold streaming flow and waterfalls but at the same time saving a traveller dying of thirst with its vital nutrients. This is the light, nobody and nothing can hide from. This is the darkness which can save the important presence of someone. The endless carousel ride. This is the world, where everything is possible! Do you feel fresh goa-wind? It's the breath of Alienapia with its music that will turn you full emotionally filled with the fine combination of powerful rush and melodic modulations. Energy, agressive dance grooves are not in conflict with the inner calm and hidden sentimentality which belongs to Alienapia debut album !


Kyoto - Forest Trip (CD)

Release date: 11/2009 (Space Baby Records 2009)
Genre: Psychill
Kyoto (the real name is Vitaly Zenkov) was born on February 8, 1981 in Samara, Russia. Kyoto is a Russian musician and DJ working in ambient and psychill styles. His choice of profession was largely determined by his music tastes. When a student he would listen to Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream later added by electronic projects. Already at the age of 18 Vitaly tries his hands at music playing the solo guitar in a rock group and combining acoustic and electronic music. In 2004 Vitaly makes his own electronic project which still exists. Experimenting with various music instruments KYOTO is finding his own electronic sound somewhere between the psytrance, ambient and world music. Though influenced by various trends, his music retains its intrinsic and well thought out ideas focused on the infinite search of infinite spaces. Working in a small studio equipped with a computer and a Cubase sequencer and using both electronic (synthesizers, midi-keyboards, effect processors) and acoustic instruments, he managed to create a very distinctive sound which makes his project quite ingenious in its sounding. Kyoto's works are actually a calm and soothing landscape ambient predominantly shaped by massive tonal patterns and recurring music themes interspersed with multiply reflected high frequency and mid-range samples and a vocal. Occasionally the compositions have trance rhythm structures naturally interwoven with the main ambient substrate. At present Kyoto is performing both as a musician and a DJ.

sbcd 002

VA - Magic Dew (Digipack CD)

Release date: 11/2009 (Space Baby Records 2009)
Genre: Psy trance
"This compilation has been gathered by best friends. These tracks were written with the emotion & energy created by a magical festival among the Crimea forests and mountains. The power of Crimea's nature opened and cleared the mind and soul of everyone. Each track has been permeated by the mystery of the Ivan Kupala celebration. A celebration of other worldly dimensions & atmospheres. A gathering that revealed the magic among forest spirits and mermaids, transformations and truth, sky and freedom. You will feel the goa /forest psy / suomi vibrations that were played during the festival. The emotions in which this recording was made. Tracks from artists like *Space Baby* will give you the present of pureness that one can obtain only by touching the water on an Ivan Kupala night."

sbcd 001

VA – Shamanisma (Double CD)

Release date: 9/2008 (Space Baby Records 2008)
Genre: Psy trance / Psychill
This compilation consists of two CDs, each representing one of two ideals: it displays the cosmic and the shamanic perception of reality. Every note of this magic music brings you into trance meditation of the full moon and the sunlight at the same time. The first CD is a morning dance of elves among sounds of goa / suomi / morning psy. This is the shaman’s sound like a game between light and shadows among sun beams that are making their way through the tops of trees. The second CD brings you a magic dance of dreaming butterflies, which are flying among the petals of the flower fields with sounds of dub / ethnic / down tempo and other chill out music, which are flying away to the sky. The disk design is done by a guy from Crimea - Stokya, using the pictures of their favorite artists and friends - Shivanebula and her father. She and Iri (Euphoria) created a poet intro into for each disk ! This compilation is mastered by our russian friends Gosha aka Pan Psychic and Sun Station.


Main Organisators:
Andrey & Irina & Nikol (Ukraine)
skype: okujah
tel: +3980972869116

Promotion Manager:
André Sat (Brazil)

Digital Distribution Manager
Vladislav (Russia)
icq: 103435956
skype: xylonitek
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