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Default Special Guest: Stellardone - Echoes

Дорогие Друзья!

При непосредственном участии дружественного нам Net-лейбла Energostatic records представляем Вашему вниманию прекрасного space-ambient музыканта из Литвы с эксклюзивной презентацией своего нового альбома:

Stellardone - Echoes

Stellardone is an ambient/electronic/space music project by Edgaras Zakevicius (born in 1987, Lithuania) which began in 2009.
He is very passionate about the music in general and creation of his own is a way of expressing his emotions and thoughts about nature of the Universe and much more. Edgaras is greatly inspired by Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Moby, Brian Eno, Aaron Marshall, Kelly Bailey and of course, Nine Inch Nails. He doesn't stick to ambient only and listens to all kinds of music, depending on his current mood and weather. Occasionally he plays live in the underground clubs of Vilnius, but mostly he prefers being alone in his bedroom studio and trying to come up with new arrangements or just passing time listening to SomaFm Drone Zone channel.

He doesn't use any hardware or real synths, only computer software (Reason, Ableton, Audacity) and virtual synthesizers. Despite this he still manages to create soundscapes that makes listener to drift away for a moment and feel the majesty of Cosmos. Edgaras believes in free culture, promotes sharing digital copies of his music and doesn't require any payment. All 5 Stellardrone albums are available for free download on bandcamp.

Official email:
Personal email:

Feb. 05, Sunday:

20:00 - Central Europe
21:00 - Kyiv
23:00 - Moscow
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