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Dear Friends!

We are happy to represent a new magnicifient release from our friends - Cosmicleaf Records:

N'aam: Floating so high, sinking so deep, dissolving so smooth.. so SideLinerous!!

Side Liner – Missing Pieces Of A Puzzle 2

The second chapter of missing pieces of Side Liner's discography is a fact. An ambient to downtempo blend of released and unreleased tracks for all moods. The 8th personal album of Side Liner still emotional and chilled but also groovy in parts to keep your listening pleasure high!


01 My Ambient Guardian Angel
02 Forgiveness (Eguana Remix)
03 Missing Pieces Of A Puzzle
04 Soul Path (With Dedast)
05 Screaming Tears
06 The Change Has Come
07 Life Support
08 Haunted Thoughts (Omni Festival 2005 Live Mix)
09 Subconscious Games
10 One Way To Paradise
11 White Wisdom
12 Red Eye Express - Higher (Side Liner Remix)

Official Release Page - Cosmicleaf Records
Side Liner on Facebook

Thanx very much to Tanya (N"aam) who mixed this release for the radio rotation!

11 April, Wednesday:

16:00 - CET
17:00 - Kyiv
18:00 - Moscow
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