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Default Special Guest: Dubtrak - The Dancer Behind The Mask

Dear Friends!

We are very pleased to represent you a wonderful sound from Poland by our friend - Richard Lisah:

Dubtrak - The Dancer Behind The Mask

Album was released on

Dubtrak is the brainchild of Richard Lisah, a Polish music producer and recording artist based in Toronto, Canada. The Dancer Behind The Mask, released on Psyderweb Records, contains five new songs demonstrating a heady fusion of downtempo breakbeats and world music with a pinch of psychedelia. Here is the original description:

What if an ancient tribe had a soundsystem at their disposal?
What if their instruments were electrified and their voices amplified?
Who’s the Dancer behind the mask?
Is it the Tribe’s shaman or is it You and I, feeling the Earth’s pulse and moving to the beat of a drum?
Put on your headphones, open up your imagination, and take a trip down Dark River where you explore colorful soundscapes, while you’re adrift, levitating in a Purple Haze.

Mastering by Euphorica with artwork by Dubtrak.

April 16, Monday:

20:00 - CET
21:00 - Kyiv
22:00 - Moscow
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