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Dear Friends!

Welcome to the new Cosmicleaf sounds again:

Zen Garden - Talking Trees

Zen Garden is back with their second studio album. The band that always impress with their live performances like the opening of Juno Reactor or Future Sound Of London in Athens, now impress us too with their production skills. Mesmerizing chill out music with zen elements and freestyle touch in parts, please us from the first seconds. A unique style that can only be found in Zen Garden's discography.Check it out!

1. Midi Act (Band rmx)
2. Navigate
3. Under Smooth
4. One Smoke Roadtrip
5. To Be Continued
6. Never Alone
7. Hearing Signals
8. Talking Trees
9. Flying Circus
10. Mono
11. Snowing Ashes

All music created & performed by Zen Garden :
Stefanos Tortopoglou : Composition & Production, Synths, Acoustic & Electric
Guitars, Samplers & sound design.
Roxani - Eleni Garefalaki : Lyrics, Vocals & Synths.
Manolis Kambouris : Acoustic & Electronic Drums, backing vocals.
Michael Mazis : Electric Bass
Altin Metso : Vocals, Percussion & Vocal-fx.
George Koukoulis : Percussion

All tracks written by Stefanos Tortopoglou & Roxani - Eleni Garefalaki.
except: lyrics at Mono (part) quoted by Nazim Hikmet

Artwork picture created by Elias Kafouros & composed by Chris Ortmann & Silvia Vergi.

Zen Garden would like to thanks :
Chris Ortmann & Silvana, Elias Kafouros, S.bell, Tomako, Nick Miamis, Cydelix, our
Families, Yianni & Yianna, Kosti Marga, Maya & Yianni, Voidnetwork, Ilias Iliou, Panagioti & Ioanna, Kristi & Harut, Altin Metso, Pan & Athina, Katerina & Johnny Kintzs, Maki, Konstadina
Grekou, Alan Moore's Promethea, Eric Persing and the Ozric Tentacles

Official Release Page
Zen Garden on Facebook

Thanks again to Tanya N'aam for help with presentation of release.

09 May, Wednesday:

19:00 - CET
20:00 - Kyiv
21:00 - Moscow
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