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Default Cosmicleaf Records Presents: Stefan Torto - Oceanian Dreams

Dear Friends!

We are pleased to represent you one of the latest releases by friendly label Cosmicleaf Records:

Stefan Torto - Oceanian Dreams

Release Info:

The co-founder and main composer of Zen Garden band, Stefan Torto, returns with his second personal album. His sound designing skills drive you in new worlds of emotions, ambient mysteries and atmospheres. Places that you can chill and dance. Crystal production and well layered tracks promising a new sound pleasure. Another quality product from Cosmicleaf Records.

Stefan Torto - Panda
Stefan Torto - Darwin's Nightmare
Stefan Torto - UnZoo
Stefan Torto - Momentary
Stefan Torto - Indigo
Zen Garden - Simple Thought (Stefan Torto remake)
Stefan Torto - Common Future
Stefan Torto - Bending Time
Stefan Torto - Divine
Stefan Torto - Into Imagination (2003)

All music written & produced by Stefanos Tortopoglou (Guitars, synths, elec. percussion, sampling, sound design, programing)

Artwork & 3D graphics by Spyros "s.bell" Koudounas & Afroditi "a.bii" Bitzouni.

Stefanos like to thanks :
Roxani-Eleni Garefalaki, Spyro Koudouna and the rest of the Zen Garden circle, Afroditi Bitzouni, Chris & Silvana, Tortopoglou family, Nick Miamis, Cydelix, Panagioti & Ioanna, Vagia, Amalia & Vasilis, Kristi & Harut, Altin Metso, The Pouchis team, Pan & Mak, Johnny Kid, Tomako, Voidnetwork and all of you for your love & support.

Official Release Page

Special thanks to Tanya N'aam for the presentation support!

03 September, Monday:

15:00 - CET
16:00 - Kyiv
17:00 - Moscow
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