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Dear Friends!

Cosmicleaf Records is glad to present the new album of wonderful ZERO CULT - Pop Insanity:

Zero Cult - Pop Insanity

Zero Cult's pop-insanity is unique world of sound, chill out and various electronic music styles tracks, gathered by the years of his musical carrier.

Zero Cult - Timesand
Zero Cult feat. Kerensa Stephens - Stars
Zero Cult - Free Fall
Zero Cult - Distance
Zero Cult - Jelakera (Green Song)
Zero Cult feat. Kerensa Stephens - Face in the Mirror
Zero Cult - Behind the Walls
Zero Cult - Robosong
Zero Cult - Slave
Zero Cult - Poison
Zero Cult feat. Kerensa Stephens - Face in the Mirror (80's Mix)


Many thanks to our Friend Roux for the presentation support!

Tune in PsyRadio on Sunday, Sep.29:

20:00 - CET
21:00 - Kyiv
22:00 - Moscow
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