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Default Blue Phoenix

Blue Phoenix

American producer Eric DeBusschere:

I enjoy a wide variety of electronic music but chillout, downtempo, and psychill have really grown on me in the last few years. I decided to take a more serious approach to writing chillout with my main goal being to release an album on Ektoplazm. After a year of writing and blood, sweat, and tears my first album "Descent to Heaven" finally made it to the public on Ektoplazm in 2013. The theme of my first album was about my own near death experience in 2007. I was hit by a car and almost lost my life that day. But, I came back and knowing that life is a precious gift, I wish to share my talent to help others. If I can help brighten the day of just one listener through my creation then I will have done something positive with my "second life".

I decided to continue my writing with "Source of Hope", released on Ektoplazm in 2014. This time, I focused on the theme of Hope. Hope can give us the strength to face fear and to push past our struggles for a brighter future.

Also, I hope to share what I have learned about making music that perhaps others can join me in creating positive energy through their art. You'll notice that the 10th track of the mix is titled "Chillout Tutorial". I have a full video series on YouTube on how I made the track, step by step. Simply search YouTube for "Blue Phoenix Chillout Tutorial".
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