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web- "A Strangely Isolated Place" 2 :

AboutFace live @ Hackney Film Festival Launch

Ryan, ASIP:Im kind of annoyed at the moment. No sooner do I wrap a post up with music thats meant to be played live and loud, AboutFace goes and puts on a live gig that I dont hear about talk about missing out. My saving grace however, is that the set was recorded and available to pleasure from the past.

As expected, Bens live performance sounds as polished, organic and unique as the tracks that pricked my ears on the Artifical Intelligence EP released earlier this year. Have a listen to this and let me know if youe come across anything recently as enjoyable and original as this set

isolatedmix 17 Winterlight

Ryan, ASIP: "Its weird to think that Winterlight was one of the very first artists featured on ASIP around three years ago. I cant remember how I managed to stumble across Tims Winterlight and Lightsway projects, but it was one of those finds which ultimately ended up shaping many epic train journeys, hours of headphone time, endlessly long commutes, moments of personal reflection and of course, (not forgetting) a great night out last year.

Tims music pays homage to classic shoegaze and is filled with beautiful atmospherics and ethereal ambience the perfect matrimony of shimmering guitars and electronic ambient music. Im often asked for similar music to the likes of Ulrich Schnauss and artists such as Winterlight are first to mind. Whilst Winterlight can sound completely different and is definitely more instrumental in approach (with a heavy focus on guitars, delays and reverb), Tim manages to capture the most unimaginable beauty and escapism in his productions, which can only lead to a mutual admiration for epic shoegaze influenced music I often associate with the likes of Schnauss, Jonas Munk, The Cocteau Twins, and Hammock.

Its this combination of guitars and electronic ambient which has shaped Tims isolatedmix, reflecting on his own personal journeys:

When I was younger I used to go on long coach journeys just to escape. I made up C90 mixtapes and then bought a return ticket for somewhere far away. I would travel through the day and night watching the world pass by me in a blur and listen to my Walkman and disappear somewhere inside myself to a place I wanted to be. It was if there wasnt any real world just a backdrop to the music. Nowadays I make my own music to do the same thing. This mix is an attempt to recreate the feel of those tapes and those journeys.

Classic shoegaze from the originators, including Robin Guthrie, Slowdive and Airiel, amongst the more electronic ambient influences of personal favourites, port-royal. Tim also manages to sneak in some lesser known yet similarly talented artists such as Luga, kontakte and Jesper Lundager, adding depth and variety to the already mouthwatering lineup.

Modest in his ways, Tim hasnt included any tracks of his own in the mix. But, after a recent signing to one of our favourite labels N5MD (home of port-royal, Lights Out Asia and Near The Parenthesis), the door is open for you to explore Tims latest and greatest album, Hope Dies Last. Including some reworked tracks from Tims early Lightsway guise, guest vocals and additional production duties from Mike Cadoo (Bitcrush), the album is a welcome return after what has seemed like an eternity of missing dreamy and ethereal Winterlight productions. Available now on N5MD.

The isolatedmix series will always be a way for me to enlist the musical minds of some of my biggest influences, so I think many of you will join me in saying what a pleasure it is to have a stunning mix from one of the original discoveries on ASIP and one thats still releasing amazing music to this day."

29 , :

AboutFace live @ Hackney Film Festival Launch

14:00 - Central Europe
15:00 - Kyiv
17:00 - Moscow

isolatedmix 17 Winterlight
15:00 - Central Europe
16:00 - Kyiv
18:00 - Moscow
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