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Дорогие Друзья! В этот вторник мы представим Вашему вниманию 2 микс из коллекции "A Strangely Isolated Place"

FIBER Podcast 10 – Evad

Ryan (ASIP): "A sublimemix from Belgium’s Dave Volkaerts touching on the soft side of ambient-techno. It’s the kind of mix that’s perfectly unassuming unless you check the track list. The kind that can send you drifting for an hour only to wake-up and think, ‘hang-on, I swear I recognise a few tracks in there… let’s listen to this again’ (repeat this cycle at least three times). Only then will you see two beauties on Mule Electronic, a touch of Russian inspired CBL, a rare-ambient record from OPN, the legend that is Biosphere in his latest power-plant inspired guise, the Kompakt label boss offering his part, and the softer side of techno legends, Villalobos, Dozzy, Minilogue and Shackleton."

bvdub presents Deep Space Mix 21

Ryan (ASIP): "After their special colab release ‘Symbol 02‘, comes anther much welcomed partnership, but this time ASC has opened up the Deep Space mix Holy Grail to it’s first ever guest… Well, if it was going to be anyone, it was always going to be Brock. No tracklist, which kills me, but that seems to be the ongoing bvdub style… lull you into a heightened sensory experience only to leave you questioning what the hell just happened. Fine by me."

13 Декабря, Вторник:

FIBER Podcast 10 – Evad
14:00 - Central Europe
15:00 - Kyiv
17:00 - Moscow

bvdub presents Deep Space Mix 21
15:00 - Central Europe
16:00 - Kyiv
18:00 - Moscow
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