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Dear Friends!
"A Strangely Isolated Place" presents the new episode of their podcast "isolatedmix 28 Crisopa":

isolatedmix 28 Crisopa

Ryan, ASIP: Santi Lizón is an artist ive had the pleasure of witnessing grow these past few years, and I like to think that he has inspired me along the way. Im not sure how I came across Crisopa at first, but a quick look back at the ASIP archives and it may have been one of the very first mixes I heard from Winterlight back in 2009. Funny, seeing as they are both now signed on the legendary n5MD label. Santi has floated around with several netlabels prior to this years release on n5MD and it was probably his 2010 release Last Membrane that ultimately sealed the deal and the chance for a further album with one of the best electronic labels of today.

Biodance, released last month, is undoubtedly Santis best work yet and a culmination of his organic sound; combining glitchy electronics, instrumental shoegaze touches and drifting ambience. I didnt think you could get better than Dancing Curtains on Last Membrane it was like Tycho, Winterlight, and Ulrich Schnauss were jamming on a Summer evening yep that big (have a listen). But Biodance is an evolution of Santis sound, and more electronic noises give it much more variety and depth. Es Todo Mental for example, stays very close to Dancing Curtains in style, but just absolutely kills it with a thoroughly electronic, oscillating climax.

Take a look at the tracklist for Santis isolatedmix and youll probably see what I mean. Two of the previously mentioned artists are in there as inspirations, alongside the likes of Jon Hopkins, Ochre and Ametsub a rich mix of recent electronica pioneers. Its pretty easy to hear the Crisopa sound in amongst this lot, and if this mix serves any purpose, its crowning glory will be to introduce you to the beautiful sound of Santiago Lizón Martínez.

You can purchase Biodance from n5MD, and download Last Membrane for free here.

I Pretended to create a trip from quiet introspection to more dynamic feelings without losing the connection
with sensitivity, beauty and power. This also pretends to be a little tribute to the artists in here
to appreciate their infuence over me and the great moments provided to me.

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