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astrangelyisolatedplace represents you the new episode of their radioshow:

isolatedmix 29 Textural Being

Ryan, ASIP: Its safe to say that Textural Beings recent productions have reaffirmed and reignited my love for dub-techno. Its the kind of genre that needs attention, yet once emerged, I often find it more calming to listen to than the deepest ambient music. Repetition and restatement in music is often cited to be critical and dub-techno is at times the epitome of this approach. Some, get bored-stiff of a distant thud, but Sage Taylors approach is anything but.

If I had to pick an example, it would be Sages latest EP En Ce Moment on the always brilliant Energostatic (Marc Atmosts label) and in particular, Sept taken from this album. Shimmering and soft, with subtle tonal bass changes. This is the type of music that sends you drifting. Its window-watching, perfect for reflection and observation, conjuring pictures of past, what might be, or just appreciating the beauty of whats sat directly infront of you.

Sage has similar thoughts when listening to some of his favourite music, and for isolatedmix 29, each track has been meticulously selected based on the image it created. A mixture of ambient, dub-techno and electronica, the inspirations are vivid and yearn for deeper introspection. So, the journeys there for you to take, or the options there for you to create something completely new

I chose the tracks in this mix for their ability to conjure up such strong imagery and colour in my head when I listen to them, that if I recall the images later, I can hear other music playing along to them in my minds ear. These sounds sometimes (though not always) go on to become tunes of my own, once Ive spent enough time transforming them from thought to sound wave. Its not a perfect description of the process, but its the easiest way I can think of to describe how the songs I picked for this mix affect me, on a personal level.

Then theres the emotional level, which had a big part in how I decided what songs to pick as well The emotional side of music is very important to me, which I hope is evident by the selections Ive made! This was -not- by any means an easy list to narrow down. There are so many amazing sounds out there by so many different talented musicians everywhere, that fitting a coherent communication into a single hour can be a daunting task But, it was a challenge I was more than happy to undertake. So, Im communicating to everyone music thats very close to me, and what I do; music thats helped move me along in my evolution as a sound aritst. Hopefully Ive managed to provide a good picture of that.

Tune in PsyRadio, today:

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