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Default Special Guest: Gran+ - Sziget: Coxpon Ambient

Dear Friends!

Welcome to the special deep tech psychedelic house live set by special PsyRadio guest:

Gran+ - Sziget: Coxpon Ambient

Sergei Drobyshevsky (Gran+) is a musician from Molodechno, Belarus who works with several genres. At the start of his music career he took part at the IDM-project Eelp Cat. Than for life reasons he made a two-year pause whereupon he continued diving in experiments with IDM and soft melodic techno-sound. Music style of his first work “Now_vember”, which was released on Japan label BumpFoot, is determined as Four-to-the-floor meets IDM.



there is more:*

September 12, Wednesday:

16:00 - CET
17:00 - Kyiv
18:00 - Moscow
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