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Thread Description:Sep.12, Wednesday. 16:00 EET

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Default Special Guest: Dharmakaya - Shankara Bom

Dear Friends!

We are glad to represent you special PsyRadio guest from Lisbon, Portugal:

Dharmakaya - Shankara Bom

You are now entering an alternate universe that combines Chill-Out, Psy Chill and Trip-Hop music with a developing visual show, twirling around stunning magical effects and the delicate movements of dance.
Dharmakaya was born in 2009 from a fusion of various styles of music.
In January 2010 Dharmakaya released his first album as Dharmakaya – «The beginning of the Experiencies» and in December of the same year Dharmakaya released the second one - «Rolling Experiences».
During the year (2011) Dharmakaya has worked with Silvia Janeiro (Bellydancer) & Tiago Santos (vj).
In May 2012 Dharmakaya join to Yun Recordz, In June Anokha Coxe has joined and now Dharmakaya is preparing to released a new album in 2012.

Ayashbeats aka Cristiano Torres, was born in Porto (Portugal) in 1981. Since that Ayash beats can remember that have always been interested in music and in the early age of 13 years old, in 1994, began to play drums in a Heavy Metal band with some friends. At the same time his enrolled in a Fire Department Band playing also drums.
Already a musician and composer when in 1999 I started to sing and produce Rap Music under the name of Ayuaska Ayash in the PDA Band with Psydin, Wize Demon, Benito Gunz and Dj V3 aka Subsense. After 8 years past and a lot of really hard work in studio, Ayash Beats and Psydin finally finished the album «PDA Genuíno» that was released, in 2007, by the label Gangbang Records which was created by Ayash Beats and B.G. Beats in the same year. It was in 2009 that I opened his own studio and started to work with a wide range of top artists in Hip-Hop Music including one of the best voice in Portugal, Carolina Deslandes (Soul/Reggae/Pop Music), Rojah Wize (Reggae Music), Nuno Clam (Techno), Space Alien (Trance) and many others , producing, mixing and mastering tracks within different genres but mostly Hip-Hop. During the same year I also began to produce Chill-Out, Trip-Hop and Electronic music giving birth to the project Dharmakaya [Chill-Out / Psychill / Trip-Hop] & Dharmasense
[Progressive Trance] along with Subsense.

Anokha Coxe comes from a musical background, her father was a musician (bass player) and as a result music was something that has been present all her life. Anokha is a Hindi word that means rare or being special, in other words unique. She studied and performed Capoeira with group Muzenza and African Tribal dance with Batoto Yetu Dance Company. Later she began learning the ancient sacred art of Oriental Dance aka Belly Dance with Prisca Diedrich in Portugal. After moving to London Anokha continued to study this dance with several teachers in order to deepen her knowledge including, Juliana Brustik and Hannah Mi, she had studied experimental Belly Dance, Tribal Fusion and ATS (American Tribal Style). Anokha has performed as a dancer both in Portugal and in London at Expo 98, Auditório Eunice Münoz (Eunice Münoz’s Theatre), Boom Festival 02 , Rich Mix, New Empowering Church and Komedia (Bath) Shambala Festival 11, collaborated with the band Gypsy Hill and the reggae band Dubwiser. In September 2010, Anokha presented three dance pieces entitled as "Celebration of the Sacred Feminine" at PRP (Park Road Pilot) and was reviewed as "a startling display of avant garde belly-dancing" by the newspaper The Guardian ( Anokha applies her musical past as influence, which results in classical and folkloric styles of Oriental Dance as well blending other rhythms and ethnic movements, i.e., African and Indian with a flavor of electronic music. Her perspective is gathering various cultures to show how they are all connected. Furthermore, her objective is to show the possibilities of Oriental Dance from classical style to folkloric with a touch of contemporary, which results in an experimental work with electronic music, therefore exploring the infinite possibilities of music and dance. Anokha is residing again in her home country Portugal in the city of Lisbon and is available for shows and workshops.

Tune in sound from sunny Portugal!

September 12, Wednesday:

15:00 - CET
16:00 - Kyiv
17:00 - Moscow
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You can listen this set on PsyRadio mixcloud page:
Remember, Who You Are...
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Где можно скачать ?
You don't need drugs to enjoy the music, you need the music to enjoy the drugs.
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Этот сет распространять нельзя
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