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Free Psychedelic Music Download ‘орум дл€ скачивани€ различной бесплатной психоделической музыки.
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Exclamation V/A Tales From Dark Space ..::FenomenoizeLaboratory::..

Label: ॐFenomeNoize Laboratory
Artist: Various Artist
Title: Tales From Dark Space
Cover Design: Victor Entegeno
Release date: 17/11/12
Mastered by: Xtraterrestre Shavadelick Guadalajara
Distribution: Free
Genre: DarkPsy

A new label where we will find the best in Darkpsy scene in Mexico and in the world presents the first compilation serve on national and international artists. Dark Music bizarre and distorted minds dark psychedelic trance from the depths of the galaxy arrives to you all the brains of laboratory psychedelics demolish the dancefloor.

Track List:

01. Acid Graphicks - Space Mother Ship - 155 BPM Ц Mexico Ц 07:56
02. Ataro vs Radice vs Con un Drum - The Book Of The Dead - 156 BPM - Italia Ц 07:19
03. Eknuwyk - Blessing Ц 158 BPM Ц Venezuela Ц 08:14
04. Psy Horror Noize - Sunny Von Doom Dimension Ц 160 BPM Ц Mexico - 08:45
05. Psynetik Ц Androgenesis - 165 BPM Ц Mexico Ц 09:49
06. Yaotzin Tech Ц We are all aliens Ц 165 BPM Ц Mexico Ц 07:07
07. Twisted Doom Ц Pearl Ц 167 BPM Ц 07:16
08. Magma Ohm - Widolt Name Hero Ц 168 BPM Ц Brasil - 06:39
09. Pakal Votan Ц Chendo - 170 BPM Ц Mexico Ц 08:07
10. Manik Buluk vs Xtraterrestre Ц The Last Guardians - 170 BPM Ц Mexico -
11. Bolomyrep Ц Dimencion Alterna - 174 BPM Ц Mexico - 08:27
12. Xtraterrestre Ц Trols Ц 175 BPM Ц Mexico 07:35
13 . Sampler Ц Time For a Fun Ц 180 BPM Ц Portugal - 06:24
14. Adrenalliens Ц Regression Ц 184 BPM Ц 07:05
15. Dark Laynus Ц The Cosmic Secrets Of Pisces And Capricorn - 180 BPM Ц Mexico Ц 06:48

Free Download
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