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Default VA - Psychedelic Key (Uroboros Records, 2013, Free Release)

Uroboros Records is back with a brand new compilation! DJ Icaruz (Sweden) presents the Psychedelic Key, split in 10 psygressive masterpieces, ready to open the doors of perception and blast dancefloors all around!

1.Nangijala - Tropic Humanoid 06:54
2.Paracozm - Underworld Bitchslap 07:44
3.Hellquist - Spiralo 11:16
4.Triptatktik - Saturday Morning 08:39
5.Electronic Grind - Starting Point 06:42
6.Divine Source - Underground Cinema 08:06
7.Onionbrain - Atomic Clock (RMX) 07:45
8.Tijah - Universo Sagrado 07:15
9.Tripinstumble - A Night To Dismember (Slytrance RMX) 09:54
10.Kasadelica - Shlumper 08:33

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