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Default VA - Cinder Vomit Benefit Compilation (2012)

V/A Cinder Vomit Benefit Compilation

Akashik Record is excited to Present you V/A CInder Vomit - Benefit Compilation compiled by Egnogra, 33 mantras of the World's best Psychedelic Producer uniting for ONE cause to HELP our family friend David Cinder Vomit, David was diagnosed with a Diverticulotis that ruptured his intestines causing poison and bacteria to spread trough his GI system and almost killing him in the process, surgeons removed 14 inches of his intestines.

This has brought a tremendous life-lesson to Cinder and his beautiful family, and the best we could do as a community is to "Pray" for his immediate benefit and making a reasonable donation to his PayPal this donation will go straight to alleviate his financial hardships and recover in less stressful ways..

We hope this small contribution will help turn the page into a brighter new future for our incredible friend DAVID!!

David WE LOVE YOU!!!

- The WORLD -


Ascending Vibration Towards the Omega Point
Akashik Record Team Procyon Systems, Inc


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