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Free Psychedelic Music Download Форум для скачивания различной бесплатной психоделической музыки.
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Default Simple Man - Galactic Prophecy (2012)

Psychedelic music shows abstract, special emotions, feelings. We can forget the boring days, matters, ordinary feelings and reality.
Simple Man places the music of universe, intelligence and a dark fantasy into this style. He starts a „big jumping” from reality, opens the space, time, shows the wonders and the galactic monsters.
The music is fast, energetic, tunes are varied and high in special effects. Sometimes chillout and ambient atmospheres, tempos fly into the foreground and bring us into the endless, unknown…
Simple Man’s Art is an anthem to the Intelligence, the Knowledge, the Mind, the Unknown and the Universe.
Simple Man’s style is specific: he mixtures the elements of progressive goa with the traits of psychedelic minimal and chillout and the result is the well-known „Simple Man Sounding”.

01 Live Planet
02 Pulsar
03 Venus
04 Peace Forest
05 Magic Life
06 Aliens
07 Universe
08 Supernova
09 Ganesha
10 Festival On A Space Station
11 Microcosmos


Artist Website:
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