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Thread Description:May 16, Wednesday. 16:00 EET

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Default Nez Mirage Presents: 9DoS - Shiva's House Warming

Dear Friends!

We are proud to represent you our special guest Nez Mirage with one of his wonderful project 9DoS (Nine Doors of Sight)

NezMirage presents
"9DoS - Shiva's HouseWarming"

A special 9DOS (Nine Doors of Sight) mix for


01. Shiva's House (Brightsun remix)
02. Just Visiting This Place (Shortly remix)
03. Kali Yuga
04. Above the Law
05. Chandrala
06. Vaporizing
07. Eyestrolabe
08. Dervish
09. Cloud Hopper
10. What You Might Dub (Ultra Blue)

Nez Mirage has been producing Elementronic muzik since 1994, when he began composing pieces for an alternative dance company. He has since built a vast pallet of recordings working in various projects, including 9DOS (Nine Doors of Sight), EleMental Muzik, Shamans Anonymous & Eyesage.

Musical genres bleed together and find harmony within the dissonance, as uncontrollable bodily movements respond to Earth-solid beats. This is an organic
sound--somewhere between chill psy-glitch & edgy ambient. Comprised of lost & found aural debris, these are towering totems of infinity, celebrating our primal quest for the ultimate sound.

9DOS (Nine Doors of Sight) is the experimental "elementronic" music machine of producer and multi-instrumentalist Nez Mirage. Started as an in-house composing project for an alternative dance company in 1994, 9DOS gathers lost & found sounds to create tribal rhythms and shamanic atmospheres, combining them with classical instruments from around the globe. It is an organic & cosmic sound, somewhere between chill psy-glitch & edgy ambient. The project is musically influenced by innovative electronic & industrial masterminds, such as Brian Eno, Chris & Cosey, Bill Laswell, Pete Namlook, Steve Roach, Aphex Twin, Dark Matter (Chrome), Foetus, & Eisturzende Neubauten.

9DOS has released 5 albums: Eyestrolabe, Undiscovered EleMentals, Infinite I, Shiva's Shove & Heretica. Very limited, hand crafted editions were sold out soon after each release. These are being repackaged and re-released in 2012.

16 May, Wednesday:

15:00 - CET
16:00 - Kyiv
17:00 - Moscow
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9dos, nez mirage

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