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Default Problems with streaming audio on You Tube and Sound Cloud

I have a question about audio skipping in and out while watching videos on You Tube or listening to clips on Sound Cloud. With you-tube, I've noticed it's usually when a HTML5 player is playing the video, that I have the problem. When it's a flash player it works fine. I'm not sure what is used on Sound Cloud, but they all skip in and out when I try listening to them. I've tried to listen to a few that Brutish Sailor posted on the cloud and they skip so bad that I might hear 10 seconds of a 1 minute clip. I usually hear a light "pop", just before the sound goes out.
I have a Steinberg CI 1 interface with yamaha studio monitors plugged into it, that is then hooked into my computer via USB port. I use the ASIO driver for the Steinberg, it causes less problems than the Yamaha driver supplied with unit!

If I copy and paste a You Tube video address into Real player and open it up, it will play fine, but, not when I try to watch it on You Tube. Any ideas how I could resolve this problem?

Thank You!!!

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The article is another article that helps to know as well.

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