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Default VA - Fiery World (Sonic Tantra) - Free Psytrance Compil 2012

Fiery World

The human consciousness concerns itself with a multitude of empty and insignificant considerations, but the most wonderful of all escapes it. The element of Fire, the most all-pervading, the most creative, the most life-bearing, is least observed and esteemed. The momentum of Fire is as strong as the structure of a crystal. Not by accident have globes and crystal spheres been employed by clairvoyants. Live embers are needed for the purification of the consciousness; the rainbow flame affirms the striving of the spirit and the spirit world. Beginning with the ordinary light formations visible to the open eye, up to the complex fires of the Sahasrara, we are led into the realm of the Fiery World..

1. Schranz Militia - Metarmorfose Ambulante
2. ZA7ZAY - Meter's Tall Tales
3. AxuliXamus - Ayahuasca
4. Murukhan - Encyclopedia Selfdestructica
5. Antagon - Degenerating Euphoria
6. aGh0Ri TanTriK - Veerana
7. Cosmic Iron - The Full of Grass
8. Gelido - Gelidance
9. Gen-Ohm - Astronaut
10. Satori - Eros and Thanatos
11. Gamaliel - Eternity & a Day

Background Artwork: Pierre Menaud
Tight Audio Mastering: Antagon
Compiled by: Aghori Tantrik

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