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Thread Description:9-14 July

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Default "LIVE LOVE CREATE 2013" - Special Radio Program by Gagarin Project and Runa


Dear Friends!

We are pleased to invite you to become a part of the Celebration of Life to be held in a desert of Spain from 9 - 14 of july at the 10th edition of Nowhere festival. To learn more about this experiment in creative freedom, participation and money-free community, inspired by Burning Man festival please click here.

You are very welcome to get involved, express yourself in any of your various manifestations and share unforgettable moments of total acceptance, unity and magic atmosphere.

If you can not make it this year to the Desert, thanks to PsyRadio and using the international language of music, we have an opportunity to hear the wave vibrating in the middle of Nowhere and reflecting in any part of the world!

Due to the technical difficulties it is not possible to estalishes a direct streaming from the event, but we you will hea specially prepared mixes (both released and unreleased) that will be simultaneously streamed at the festival and on radio, by Gagarin Project and Runa.

Schedule of "LIVE LOVE CREATE 2013" program on the waves of PsyRadio:

Day One: LIVE - July, 9. Tuesday.
15-19h - CET
16-20h - Kyiv

Day Two: ENJOY - July, 10. Wednesday.
15-19h - CET
16-20h - Kyiv

Day Three: EXPLORE - July, 11. Thursday.
15-19h - CET
16-20h - Kyiv

DAY Four: LOVE - July, 12. Friday.
15-19h - CET
16-20h EET

DAY Five: CREATE - July, 13. Saturday.
14-18h - CET
15-19h - Kyiv

Day SIX: SHARE - July, 14. Sunday.
13-17h - CET
14-18h - Kyiv

Life is the countless opportunities! Each chooses to use them fully,
receive the priceless experience, new amazing states or... Don't wait
for a wonder - create a wonder by yourself! Try, change, listening to
your heart and observing the world's hints.

" A human heart - is the musical instrument, it contains a great
music. The music is asleep, but it is there, waiting for the fortunate
moment to burst into flames, be manifested, be sung, be danced. And
this very moment arises from LOVE." (Osho)

Every human contains the incredible creative potential. Each sees and
perceives, feels and listens to this world and its inhabitants in it's
own way. Creating something, we feel not only joy and pleasure, but a
delight born from the great variety, multidimensionality, infinite
creative freedom of this world.
Let's unite our energy to make ourselves and this world better!!!

See you on the uniting PsyRadio wave and in the dust!

Tune in "LIVE LOVE CREATE" marathon with Gagarin Project and Runa!!!
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gagarin project, runa

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