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Thread Description:10 July, Wednesday. 20:00 (kyiv time zone)

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Default Special Guest: Tornfly - Prologue

Dear Friends!

We are glad to present you our special guest from Novosibirsk, Igor Tokarev aka Tornfly with a special presentation of his new album!

Tornfly - Prologue

The history of certain civilization's struggle with the chaos of information, in which it fell with the development of communication and general rise of informatization. Unstructured information hinders the progress. But this civilization has found a way out: a special virus, battling with an excess of useless information and confusion in one's mind, who inculcates it to himself. The virus is non-pathogenic, but connects to the system of individual, integrates into it, allowing to eventually organize all of the accumulated knowledge into a coherent system and to use it with maximum efficiency. The prologue tells of the early stages of virus evolution after freewill infection.

01.Injection (3:19)
02.Maxmile (4:29)
03.Owlish Illusions (3:02)
04.Lord Loaded (3:19)
05.Billions Demolish Ties (5:31)
06.DNA Locator (5:36)
07.Arousal (4:43)
08.Methane Sky (3:20)
09.Basis (8:11)
10.FXI (5:55)
11.Faceless (6:37)
12.Out of Memory (5:20)

Tune in PsyRadio on 10 of July, Wednesday:
19:00 - CET
20:00 - Kyiv
21:00 - Moscow
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