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Default Biology Gk for Competitive exam in Hindi

biology gk in english
1 The famous Greek philosopher Aristotle is called the father of biology and zoology.

The father of 2 Botany is called Theophrastus.

The father of 3 medical sciences is called Hippocrates.

4 Carolus Lennius is called the parent of classmates. He preached the biological system of living beings. According to this method, the name of each organism is made up of two words of the Latin language, the first word is the name of the noun and the second word is called a caste. Examples :
Humans - Homo Sapiens
Frog - Rana Tigrina
Mangoes - Mangifera Indica
Saraso - Brassica Campestris

5 In the classification presented by Lamarck, the organisms were divided into two world organisms and the world of plants.

6 The organisms of the union protozoa are the simplest, and they consider it to be the first animal of creation. Its body is one cellular

7 Amoeba is a precocious microscopic creature.

8 lace worm or tinea is a disease-causing parasite found in human intestine.

9 Earthworms and leech are bovine animals.

The largest union of 10 animals is 'Union Orthopoda'.

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Biology Gk for Competitive Exam in Hindi (11-20)

11 The shell of snail, oyster, etc. is made of calcium carbonate.

12 Hemorrhoids in blood of ocher, octopus etc. are absent due to blood absence.

13 Some animals like sepia have blood color blue due to hemocyanin.

14 octopus is known as devilish fish.

15 Amoeba is the organism of the protozoa union
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biology gk

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