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Thread Description:Sep.15, Saturday. 19:00 Kyiv time zone

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Default Tetarise Presents: To The Undercover Dimension

Dear Friends!

PsyRadio Resident Tetarise represent you his next release:

Tetarise - To The Undercover Dimension

After everyday rush and endless weekdays I usually have a feeling that reality is seeming, unreal. The real me lives far away in a parallel world.
I walk the grassy slopes there, I swim among the waves of turquoise sea, I fly over snow-white mountains. And each times elusive music accompanies me. It’s like a key which helps me to unlock the door to the over world.

1. Tetarise – Her Flaring Wings [07:01]
2. Stanislav Rubyteno – Icarus (Tetarise Remix) [06:26]
3. Tetarise – Brutal Dasha [08:58]
4. Tetarise – OMG The Sky Is Falling! [07:39]
5. Tetarise – Magic Trance [05:55]

The EP was released on Silent Flow Netlabel

September, 15. Saturday:

18:00 - CET
19:00 - Kyiv
20:00 - Moscow
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