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Thread Description:30 July, Tuesday. 21:00 (kyiv time zone)

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Default Cosmicleaf Records presents: Side Liner - Water Everywhere

Dear Friends!

We are glad to present one of the latest release by friendly Cosmicleaf Records!

Side Liner - Water Everywhere

Release Info:
"Water Everywhere" is dedicated to Side Liner's little daughter Danae and his concerns about a future where might no land exist, just water. Allegorising our first steps as beings where we were surrounded again by water. Life starts from water and perhaps shall...! 10 Brand new tracks including a new collaboration with Kerensa Stephens and a remix to Valdi Sabev's track "To The Lighthouse"

Side Liner - Inside The Eye Of A Hurricane
Side Liner - Secret Sorrow
Side Liner - Wish I Was A Kid Again
Side Liner - Little Whale
Side Liner feat Kerensa Stephens - Danae (Vocal Edition)
Side Liner - The Honor
Valdi Sabev - To The Lighthouse (Side Liner Remix)
Side Liner - August
Side Liner - Danae (Instrumental Long Mix)
Side Liner - Water Everywhere

Lyrics/Vocals by Kerensa Stephens
Baby Vocals by Danae Miami at the age of 6months.

Little petal, so floating..
Gentle currants bring my soul to you
I've come for love
and I come from love
( I am Danae)
Gentle currents,
pulling pulling pulling pulling..
There's water, everywhere..
your smile alights my heart,
your voice shall always be a part of our family
pulling pulling me to you
I immerse myself,
we immerse ourselves,
In your floating soul
your heart expands to fill the new love inside
how can words express the way i feel,
only smiles will do
only holding you
always in our dreams forever it seems
your smile alights my heart,
your voice shall always be a part...

Official Release Page:

A lot of thanks to PsyRadio Resident Roux for the presentation support!

Tune in PsyRadio on Tuesday, 30 of July:
20:00 - CET
21:00 - Kyiv
22:00 - Moscow
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